Thursday, April 18, 2013


Did a lot and learned a lot today, but I'm really tired (I just got home 30 minutes ago) and I am waking up at 5:45am tomorrow to do an 11 mile run. So, all you're getting is my AEIOU's

A- Yes!

E- I ran 4 miles of speed drills (32 minutes)

I- I read the big book, I shared my strength, experience and hope, I updated my iPhone, I listened to the dietitian, I paused, I asked for clarification, I spoke up for myself, I fed myself good fuel, I tried something new, I spent time with my grandma, I did not eat self destructively today and I got to a meeting to feel the unconditional love of OA.

O- I apologized for upsetting someone (even though I didn't understand why), I heard her feelings, I gave my parking pass to another couple when I left the UCLA parking lot. I gave away my ginger candy to someone who had an upset stomach, I gave away my Emergen-C to a friend who was not feeling well, I reached out to a fellow, I spoke to a new comer and gave her my number, I gave a ride home to a fellow who lives in Pasadena

U- Try as I might, I can not control how people are going to react to me. Whether it be positive or negative, it is out of my control. All I can do is be myself, and control how I respond to their reaction. I can get defensive, be modest, rude or I can act with genuine Kindness. It's been my experience that kindness gains a much higher return than the other options.

Here's a funny picture... Please tell me you GET it!!!!

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