Thursday, April 11, 2013

Laughing Yoga

Today was a good day! I woke up feeling good (having not binged or purged), I made it to class on time, and I introduced my friend Karla to the Joys of Laughing Yoga :)

All 3 of these celebs are to DIE for!!!
WATCH the VIDEO!!!: Laughing Yoga and then try some Laughing yoga the next time you're in a funk!

However, the best thing that happened to me was losing the keys to my school locker during my morning class (yes, you read that correctly!). I have a key lock on my locker, that has the TINEST keys ever attached to the ring. Well, I stupidly placed them in my jacket pocket until class was over so that I could go to the gym on my lunch break. While I was goofing around with my friend and one of our instructors, the keys must have fallen out of my pocket... and I was NONE the wiser! I frantically searched through my bags, of which I have 4 (backpack, purse, gym bag, and lunch bag) and could not find them anywhere. I checked the classroom twice, and still couldn't find them. I was beginning to get frustrated, and was ready to give up and started getting angry that I was going to have to miss yet ANOTHER work out this week.

As I started to get really frustrated I decided that it was time to STEP AWAY and deal with it later. I decided that I was just going to go for a run around campus instead, and would retrace my steps and go to the lost and found to see if someone might have turned them in. After my quick run, I retraced my steps and FOUND THEM!!! Now that I had access to my gym bag, I didn't have time to shower (ewwwwww) so I just changed once I cooled down. When I opened my bag, I found that I did not bring any pants :(

Ultimately, losing my key was a God send. If I had gone to the gym, I would taken a shower and then had to put on my dirty, smelly clothes again! Taking a moment to just step away from the problem and adjust to the situation allowed for a much better opportunity to come along. (I eventually got to go to my Grandma's and shower... which is ALWAYS  gift!!!)

My evening was also pretty good. I went to Madrigal rehearsal after showering at my Grandma's and I had to deal with some unsettling feelings that I had towards Tyler. Instead of holding them in, or just accepting them I spoke up about them... and I feel much better for it. I am so lucky to have him in y life to understand me, even when I can necessarily do the same.

I'm really nervous about my therapy session tomorrow :/ I know Dr. Marson will understand... but I cant help but feel like I will be disappointing her. Either way, I know it will be a good and eye opening session.

Ok, I'm really tired and want to get up early to go running before therapy tomorrow morning... so here are my AEIOU's

A- Yes (day 2)

E- A nice 5.13 mile run (45 minutes) around campus

I- I was patient with myself, I feed myself the fuel I needed, I was honest and open with my feelings, I was flexible, listened to an OA podcast that was AMAZING!!! (will post about that later!)

O- I introduced a friend to laughing yoga and I was completely present for a close friend

U- Sometimes things that are frustrating are that way for a reason... so that we can stop fighting it, take a step back, and approach it from a different angle. This will allow us to live the life we are meant to live.

Sweet Dreams

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