Monday, September 3, 2012

A Brief Slip off the Radar!

Happy Monday Everyone!!! and Happy Labor Day!!! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Monday... whether you have to work today or not.

Now, I know what you're thinking.... "She isn't just going to pretend like she hasn't been MIA for the week and a half?!?!?"

And the answer is... NO!!!

I want to apologize to guys for just dropping off the face of the planet. I could give you my laundry list of excuses... but I really don't think you want to hear those. Although I do have some REALLY good ones if you want to hear 'em :)

The main reason I haven't been posting is because I did not have access to Internet in the house (it's a dumb story about not being able to find the wireless code)... but thanks to Mom... I am up and running again!!! Literally and figuratively.  (How do Mom's always manage to find things that no one else can, no matter how hard you look?!?!?).

Anyways... I last left off on part of our vacation to Bend. Let's Just say, I had an AMAZING last day, a safe trip home, and I'm utterly miserable that I had to come back to the real world!!! Since we got back, I have been having a really rough time getting back into the swing of things. I wasn't eating right, I wasn't sleeping right and I definitely was not running at all!!!

I'm not sure how I managed to keep so on track while on vacation and then literally fall apart when I got back home...

Today is another story... Today is my first day back into my new reality :)

Thankfully I started my day off with Race number five in my 12 in 12 series: Conquer the Bridge 4 Labor Day in San Pedro! It was a 5.3 mile race (random... I know...) across the Vincent Thomas Bridge between Long Beach and San Pedro.

To be honest, I almost thought about bailing out of this race. I was not ready, I was not prepared, and I was in no shape wanting to get up at 6 in the morning to drive an hour away from my house. I only had about 3 hours of sleep, and I haven't run since last Saturday... so my only goal was to run the full 5.3 miles.
My favorite part of Race Day :)

When I got to the event space, I couldn't find the start line. They didn't leave very good instructions on where to park, and i was convinced that I was in the wrong place :(. Thankfully I found some people with bib numbers on, and they pointed me in the right direction. When I finally got to the starting area, there were so many people in the pen that I almost had an anxiety attack. It was a little unorganized, and a little chaotic... but they had some fun music going on, and a large group of ladies were dancing... so I decided to have some fun and join them (by join them... I mean I danced near them, but by myself).

Finally, it was time for the race to start. I thought that i was ready, and began fantasizing about having a 45 minute finish time. However, I forgot to factor in that a lot of this race was going to be on an incline :( Not only that, but the first 3 miles were spent running straight in to the sun! I held my head up high (which probably increased my sunburn) and fought on to the end. Even though I thought about giving up... I held my ground and kept going :)

I finished in 46:40 according to my watch (47:13 according to their chip... but I think that's from the overall start time, not my start time). Either way... I ran the whole thing, and didn't die :)

I left pretty quickly after I finished. I just wasn't in the mood to hang around because I was so tired. However... I wasn't too tired to visit my best friend Rachel in Long Beach for some brunch and a pedicure :)
She hates taking photos for me :)

Rachel's Birthday was Saturday, so I figured it was only fitting that we spend today together. We went to a delicious restaurant called Delightful Crepes and Coffee... and that is exactly what we had!!!!! They were a small little cafe in a random strip mall, but they offered so much more than that. The service was intimate and extremely courteous. I felt like I was a guest in their home.

The food was amazing... everything was fresh, homemade and delicious.They had so many delicious choices, and it was really hard to choose just one :// I tried their burrito crepe which had eggs, cheese, jalapenos and bacon (i substituted the bacon for spinach) with salsa and a side of potatoes with a cup of coffee!!! I have no idea what brand of coffee they use, but man, it was good. Rachel and I tried to find it in the kitchen... but all we found was a can a Folgers!!! Rachel was also nice enough to share some of her FRESH butternut squash soup with me... also amazing!

I can't wait to eat the other half tomorrow :)

After brunch, we got pedicures, and they were simply amazing. I got an extra 15 minute massage and a callous scrub!!! My feet feel like they ave been reborn! Shortly after I headed home and have been putting my room back together ever since.

Just two girls getting pedicures :)
Tomorrow is the official start of my 1st year as an undergraduate student and I am nervous as hell!!!I'm planning to get a run in before I go though ;)

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