Thursday, September 20, 2012

Marathon Training Schedule

I told you guys I was going to post my training schedule, and I finally got access to the document :)Today is the first day of week two :)

Week 130 easy50 modCTHills 30CT8 milesoff 
Week 230 easyCT9 miles3 milesCTHills 35off 
Week 330 easy60 modCTHills 40CT10 milesoff 
Week 430 easy60 modCTHills 45CT13 milesoff 
Week 530 easy60 modCTHills 50CT10 milesoff 
Week 630 easy50 modCTHills 30CT15 milesoff 
Week 740 mod60 modCTHills 50CT10 milesoff 
Week 850 mod40 easyCT10k trail CT16 milesoff 
Week 920 easy10mi modCTHills 60Off12 milesCT 
Week 1045 mod60 modCTHills 30-4016 milesCToff 
Week 1190 high60 modCTHills 70CT13 milesoff 
Week 1260 easy75 modCTOffOff20 milesCT 
Week 1375 mod90 modCTHills 40CT12 milesoff 
Week 1450 mod6 miles RPCT50 modCT8 milesoff 
Week 15CT40 easy50 easyCToffoffMARATHON!!! 

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