Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gettng Back in the Habit

Happy Evening, Friends!

I'm really exhausted from my long, first day back at school... so I am going to make this brief.

I started my day with a 5 mile run!!! (Yay Me!!!). My alarm went off at 6am... and I turned it off and convinced myself that I need just 15 more minutes of sleep... 30 minutes later I woke up with a startle and jumped out of bed! I was NOT going to to let myself excuse my way out of working. I didn't get to run as long as I wanted to because of time constraints... but it was still a really good run.

I came home, quickly showered, and got dressed to head to one of my first days of academia at UCLA :). The beginning of the day was spent meeting with about 13 members of my cohort to discuss our fears, anxieties, and anticipations about our internship cites. It's really fun being in a small group so we can all get things off our chest and get some great feedback from people that have been there, or just have another perspective on a similar situation.

They provided us with lunch, so I got to grub on some California Chicken Cafe. I had a veggie and rice wrap in a pita. I got the last half a sandwich!!! Thank god I had a salad in the car, just in case they didn't have anything. The wrap was really good... but I forgot to take a picture, because I was so hungry.

After lunch we received a 3 hour lecture on working with Children ages 0-5 and their parents. It was focused on how important the relationship between a child and their primary care giver is even at a very young age. We got to watch clips of children and their parents playing together in a therapists office and comment on what dynamics we were seeing in their relationships. It was a really eye opening lecture.. and watching the cute babies wasn't too bad either!!!

For the evening, I headed to Tyler's to visit, since our plans got mixed up yesterday. We watched "The 5 year engagement". It was a really cute movie, a little strange, but most Jason Segal movies do. The only problem is... now it makes me wish that I was engaged so I could plan a wedding (you know, because I have so much free time on my hands).

Tyler also made me dinner!!! (isn't he the best?!?!?!). A delicious portobello mushroom burger with carrots and corn. I was still hungry on my way home, so I had some grapes and a spoonful of peanut butter before bed.

Tomorrow is my first day at my internship for the next 9 months. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow, when I'm not so tired.

Wish me luck!!!

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