Thursday, September 20, 2012

Three Things Thursday!!!

I am just going to get this thing started...

1. I am in an amazing mood today!!! I am not sure what has happened to me over the past couple of days, but my fog has lifted, and I feel like my usual, spirited self. I took a short run this morning to start off Marathon Training Week 2, and did some yoga when I got home. Today's theme was "Folds"...

In my head, I looked like this.....                                   In reality... I probably looked more like this

My inner yogi

My ACTUAL yogi :)

And yes, that also means I reached my goal of doing yoga at least 2x's per week for this week.

GO ME!!!

I have just been DVRing (is that a term?!?!) 30 minute yoga videos at home, but to be honest, the commercials really mess me up. I think I am going to have to try and find a good yoga video to snag from somewhere.

2. I told you I was going to post pictures of my new shoes... and I am!!!

please ignore my HORRIBLE sock tan :/

I am TOTALLY not a foot model :/

I LOVE them! They're not SUPER comfortable, but what fabulous pair of shoes is?!?! Horrible pictures... but trust me, they look good :)

3. I love when I am driving on the freeway, and the person behind me is Rockin' Out to the EXACT same song that I am (Especially when it is R. Kelly's Ignition Remix). I also love drinking Iced Coffee at 3:30 in the afternoon while driving in my car... (see photo below).

not sure why I was sticking my tongue out in this photo...

Ok... now here is some pictures of my meals from today...


For Brunch, I ate eggs with greens, tomato, squash and avocado. I also had a nectarine on the side :)


For dinner, I had the rest of my leftovers from lunch yesterday, as well as a small sweet potato. DELICIOUS (and stuffed).

What does your inner and actual yogi look like?!?!

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