Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Final Friday of Fantastic Summer Fun!!!!

Happy Last Day of Summer!!!

Now, Summer is my FAVORITE season (possibly because the majority of my family was born in the summer months- myself included), but I mean it when I say I am ready for this summer to be over. It has been a wacky season of wacky heat/ uncomfortable weather conditions. I am very much looking forward to cool morning, cool evenings and perfect running conditions.

I am also very ready for PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING!!! I found some delicious products in the stores, and bought my first can of pumpkin of the season :) More on that to come in my upcoming blogs

Well, I started with my last day of the Summer with some Yoga (yup... that makes 3 days in one week!). This morning I decided to do the "Upper Body: Arms" episode. As you would imagine there were a lot of planks, push ups and shoulder stretches. I could have sworn I did the video a week ago... but I really DON'T remember any of the poses that she was showing. Either way, I sorta made it through the 25 minutes, took a shower and headed to school.

I only had to be on campus for a focus group, and then I had a GAZILLION errands to run today!!! First, I came home and ate lunch.

I've been craving eggs, and my mom bought a new soup! So, I decided to mix the two together :)

Or at least eat them together. After lunch, Mom and I ran some errands and I got to go shopping. Once we were done with that we got pedicures :)

I decided on a nice "Fall" type color. I'm not sure if I love it or not though :/

This is how we bond...

The rest of the evening will be spent relaxing with Tyler and prepping for The Malibu Dirt Dash 10k Trail Run and 5k Mud Run!!!

I'm really nervous, and not sure how to help it, but I can only imagine that Tyler will find JUST the right thing to calm my nerves :)

See you at the Finish line!!!

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