Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So, I'm sitting here, at my internship, BORED out of my mind!!!

I don't want to hate on my internship, but I am not sure how this is going to pan out for the rest of the year. There literally is nothing for me to do. Ok, I could be working on a suicide assessment for the kids... but blogging felt more productive.

I also figured I would share how my evening and morning went. Last night I was struggling with cravings pretty hard core. at about 10:30 I gave my self half a spoonful of peanut butter and a half a cup of grapes. When I went to lay down I was still feeling, "Hungry". I was 2 seconds away from going to the kitchen and bingeing...but I talked myself into staying in bed and falling asleep instead. It's mornings like this that make me feel proud of myself... but I never let myself feel too proud, because I know I am just one bite away from being right back in the binge-purge cycle. (It's sad that that is literally all it takes).

Either way, I woke up today feeling empowered and ready to take on the rest of this week. I woke up and did a 25 minute yoga session titled "Core and back". I'm not sure that it was actually 25 minutes... It was a 30 minute tv show, but I fast forwarded through most of the commercials. It felt good to do some core work (which I need to do a lot more of). After that I still had some time, so I hopped on the stationary bike for 15 minutes. Overall, it was a light cross training day... but I might try to do another set of Yoga when I get home tonight.

Talking about doing more core work... I have decided to make a few Mini-Goals for myself to help with my training and practice. Now, I will try to add at least 1 new Mini-Goal every Monday, but I can not make promises. (yes, I realize this is a Wednesday, so my next new Mini-Goal will come in the following Monday).

So... Here we go!!!

Mini Goals for the Week (& 1/2)!!!

1. Do 30 minutes of Yoga at least 2x's a week
      (yay to me for already getting this done today)

2. Try at least one new Recipe each week
- I'm finding that I eat the same friggen things almost EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Although this works for preparation, it makes me bored with my foods after a very short time.

3. Try to use the stationary bike to battle my cravings
- I'm not sure if this is going to work... but I figured I would try it out.

I think these three goals are enough to work on for the first week. Anything more than this and I might not make it. But I'll check you in with y status as the weeks go on.

Back to my day. For Breakfast I had Oatmeal with banana, honey and the TJ's slivered almonds I bought last week.
This was half way through... not my full amount

For whatever reason (probably my 8 mile run yesterday), I am starving today! I dran the rest of the Americano I had yesterday, and ate and apple a few hours later.

For lunch I made my usual salad... but I forgot to thaw my lentils last night :(

Sad, but delicious, Salad

This protein-less salad made for a sad morning. I had some peanut butter and celery a bit later to try to stave off my hunger until I could go have dinner at Native Foods with Marlene :)

And I am so glad that I did. For Dinner, I ordered the Rockin’ Moroccan Bowl
Your choice of tofu or Native Chicken marinated in our homemade Moroccan sauce with grilled veggies and quinoa. Topped with currants and toasted almonds.

I, clearly, ordered mine with the tofu, and asked for no toasted almonds (I already had almonds, avocado and peanut butter today... no more fat necessary!). It was REALLY GOOD!!! I only hate half of it, and will save the other half for lunch/dinner tomorrow.

I ate this before 6 o clock... and I am still full :)

Overall a delicious day, and I am ready for a half rested day tomorrow.

Do you have any "Goals" you are setting for yourself this week?!?!

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