Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Three Things Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday. The internet at work was down, and I was not home until around 1:30am, and the last thing I wanted to do was post a blog... It's been a busy week so far, and it is only going to get busier. So, I am enjoying as much time as I can relaxing today.

I still was able to find a few items for Three Things Tuesday.

1. I bought a new bathing suit!!! I haven't had a new one in about two years and I figured it was time to get one. Although, I always hate the way I look in two piece bathing suits, I keep trying to convince myself that I am going to be OK and look amazing. After trying it on today, I wish I could say I am 100% comfortable in it, but I am not there just quite yet! I ordered another top that matches the bottom, but it is on back order until next week... so maybe I will like it even better once I try that top. I'm looking forward breaking my new suit in while in Long Beach this weekend visiting with my best friend and running the Seashore Half Marathon.

2. I finally finished the third book in the Hunger Games series, "Mockingjay". I highly recommend all three books in Suzanne Collins' thrilling series. For those of you that don't know what these books are about I'll give you a quick breakdown.
The first book, The Hunger Games, completely sucks you in and makes you fall in love with the characters. We meet our heroine, 17 year old Katniss Everdeen. The setting is a post apocalyptic world comprised of 12 districts that are run by a capitalistic government, fittingly named The Capitol, that hosts an annual event called The Hunger Games. Two tributes, children between the ages of 13 and 18, are chosen from each district to fight to the death in the event, where ONLY ONE can survive.
The second book, Catching Fire, is BY FAR the best book in the series. It keeps you guessing and turning pages through the entire novel. Katniss is romantically torn between her long time friend and hunting partner, Gale, and her Hunger Games partner, Peeta. You watch their story, along with the intervention of the capitol unfold!
After having inhaled the second book I was resistant to completing the third book, Mockingjay. It took me much longer to finish the book, but when I did I was in utter shock. In an attempt to bring down The Capitol, a revolution has begun and Katniss is at the forefront of the rebellion. The book exceeded my expectations and its reputation

Collins has a great imagination, and took a wonderful idea for a story and turned it into a masterpiece! I am half tempted to begin reading the series over again from beginning to end. I know there are things that I missed, and I want to go back and find them.

3. This is something small, but I enjoyed so much, that I thought you all might too :)

They're Celery Flowers! Fruit and Vegetable art is so much fun. One of the cooks that i work with at Chili's made these for us the other day, and I thought they were the coolest thing ever!

As for workouts, I ran a quick 5 mile run on Monday and did a painful Circuit Buster!!! today. I think I completed a few too many squats and lunges during my Saturday workout, and was still a little sore going into them today. Tomorrow I have a light 6 mile run because I'm saving my big run for Saturday's race.