Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seashore Marathon/ MIni Vacation Part II

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you got a chance to read all about my Half Marathon race from yesterday.... if not... GO BACK AND READ IT!!!! (just kidding).

I found a few more pictures, so I thought I should share....


I really did enjoy this race and venue. The only thing I didn't like, was that they didn't have a really well marked trail (probably because there were so many races and different events started in different directions) and they did not have mile markers (I imagine for the same reason as stated above). Anyways, I wouldn't mind running another race for them.

But after the race, it was time to get down to some serious vacation business. Rachel and I headed out and ran some errands (any excuse to go to Target, is a good one to me) before beginning our afternoon of leisure.

Two Crazy Girls.. On a mission!!!

After Target, our first stop was to get a massage!!! Nothing makes a long run more worthwhile than having an hour long massage after. However, this was not an ordinary massage... this was THE GREATEST MASSAGE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! I mean... who knew Chinese reflexology is what it's all about?!?! And it was only $35. Thank you Sonny (my masseuse)

After our massages, it was time for Lunch! We went to a great restaurant right off the beach. I actually remember running past it during the race and thinking... that place looks nice".

They had patio seating that overlooked the water. It made for a great lunch view :)

They also had a great selection of food, and beverages. I ordered a cup of black bean soup, their grilled veggie sandwich and Rachel and I shared a pitcher of their Strawberry Blonde Ale. It was so light and fruity... and it hit the spot on this warm afternoon.

After lunch we took care of some more of Rachel's errands, and then laid out on the beach for a little bit. I didn't get to stay long, because I needed to get back in to the valley to celebrate my momma's birthday :) 

We went to a Middle Eastern restaurant called Emile's (pronounced Emily's). They're salad was AMAZING!

I haven't had beets in foreer, so this certainly hit the spot! In fact, I had planned on ordering a salad as my entree, but none looked like it was going to satisfy me. Plus, I was in a Middle Eastern Restaurant... how could I not order a Middle Eastern dish?!?!?! I ordered the Lebanese Mosakaa. (a dish of tomatoes, onions and zucchini served with pita bread on the side.

Thank Goodness I was full from the salad. Let me tell you, I should have ordered a salad. This dish was not good in the slightest. It had a very funny after taste. The portion you see missing is literally all I ate of it. Mom felt bad because I didn't enjoy, but I told her it was my fault... Next time, I go with my instincts and get the salad...

After dinner we stopped by my Grandmother's house for dessert. I had apple pie and berrie cake with Ice cream (sorry no pictures... I ate it too fast!!!). When we finally made it home I was wiped out.

All in all it was a GREAT day. I learned a few lessons:

1. Actually training to run a race makes the race easier
2. Chinese Reflexology massages are the SHIT!!!

I realy thought I had learned more lessons than that... but I dont think I did. Oh well, I can always add them later :)

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