Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Run Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!!

This little quote means so much more to me today than it has ever meant before. I had one of the hardest workouts that I have ever had in my life, and I DEFINITELY don't regret it.

The sunset from our evening walk <3
I have been enjoying the last couple of days, since they are technically my weekend, and not doing much of anything other than getting in my workouts and trying to relax. Tuesday was a pretty light day. I completed another CIRCUIT BUSTER!!! in the morning, and followed it up with a 4 mile walk in the evening with my family (because having just one workout a day is not enough!). In between workouts I took care of some household chores and caught up on some much needed rest.

Today was my last 10 mile run in preparation for my Seashore Half Marathon next Saturday
(  I can honestly say that this was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. I began the morning feeling pretty sluggish. Somehow I managed to pop out of bed, get my gear on and head right out the door... it was all down hill from there. My run began pretty slow. My feet and legs felt heavy, my shoe was rubbing on my heel and i could not wipe the sleep out of my eye. Somewhere around mile 3 I literally started to feel like I was running through quick sand!!!

Since I was doing a longer run, and So Cal weather has been so freaky, I decided that I needed to take water with me. My friend, Shelby, purchased me a wonderful carrying bag for my birthday (in my favorite color!!!), so i decided to put it to good use. Normally, I don't run with water at all, so I blamed my slower pace on this.

By the time I finished my first 5 mile loop I had finished in 44:40, which is just under a 9 minute mile. I thought this was strange, since I was CONVINCED that I was running much slower. This news put a brief (and I mean brief) pep in my step.

For this run I was wearing my new Nike Alvord's, which was apparently... a HORRIBLE IDEA! I have only worn them on two other runs, and they were NOT broken in enough to take a 10 mile run. By the end of mile 6 my feet and legs were killing me. My feet felt heavy, my left knee and heel were starting to ache and my ankle was being rubbed raw by the back of my shoes. I was miserable, and wanted nothing more than for this run to be over.

At mile 7, I began to mentally check out. The pain and suffering was becoming to much for me to bare, and for a split second, I thought about stopping and walking the rest of the path. My pace began to slow when I had a moment to snap back into reality. I did NOT want to finish this lap without running the entire thing. I pulled up all of the energy I had left and pushed through the last mile and a half. 

I finished the run in 1:31:02 and could not have been happier to finish. I certainly learned my lesson on taking a big run with a brand new pair of shoes, but at least they are now completely broken in for my Half Marathon on Saturday. I am a little disappointed that my last 10 mile run was such a struggle and it is making me a little nervous for this race. I wish that I had one more chance to feel a little more comfortable with a longer distance run. But, as long as I get out and do it, I will be better off than if I had stayed home. 

After my run I was pretty much famished and exhausted. Taking a shower helped me feel  a little better, but I spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing and eating!!! I easily burned over 1100 calories on my run, so I always struggle with being extra hungry on my big run days. On days like this I always worry get cautious about allowing myself to splurge, because I do not want it to end in a binge fest that I am going to regret.

 (greek yogurt, cereal, blueberries and honey)

My regular daily caloric intake is roughly 1350-1400 calories (20-25% fat, 60-65% carbs, roughly 15% Proteins). To avoid ravenous eating on long run days I up my intake to at least 1500 a day. If I feel extra hungry I can bump it up to 1550 (Hey, Big Spender)! Today, I took in just under 1500 (22.2% fat, 60% cars and 16% protein) and I feel pretty OK... I got a little hungry right before dinner, but was able to quash it with a graham cracker. I finished off my day with my tasty yogurt parfait :) Eating greek yogurt for desert tricks me into thinking I've eaten Ice cream (Yuuuum!!!)

Tomorrow is another day, and i have a short recovery run in the evening.

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