Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big Run Wednesday

Greetings and Salutations! It has been a very busy, yet successful pre- Birthday Celebration for me :). 

My day began bright and early, at 7am, so I could get in my scheduled 10 mile run before the San Fernando Valley started to get too hot. I started with a quick breakfast of an 8 oz Silk PureAlmond Vanilla milk and half a banana. It's easy on the stomach, and chuck full or energizing carbohydrates. I had a pretty solid run that was much easier to complete, and less painful, than last weeks 10 miler. I powered through the first 5 mile lap and finished in 43:30. The second 5 mile lap is when it started to get hot, and my pace began to slow. And I was pretty tired, so I think I spaced out for part of the run and wasn't focusing on my pace. I still finished in 1:32:12 which is just above a 9 minute mile. I am hoping to be under a 9 minute mile by the end of summer. I followed my run with a yummy breakfast of oats, almonds, honey and the other half of my banana. 

My Grandmother lives really close to the park I run at... so I stopped by for a visit quick visit. She offered to make me some hard boiled eggs to take with me for my day. Since I am kitchen handicapped, and can not manage to even make hard boiled eggs properly, I said YES. She gave me a quick tutorial on the proper way to cook and peel them. Hopefully I wont be having any more trouble with these tasty little buggers :)

Then I was off to my volunteer shift at the suicide prevention center. It turns out that one of my colleagues, and fellow cancer, was celebrating a birthday today as well!!! Her daughter was nice enough to bring in some cake and cupcakes for us to share. I tried to be good, but I had to try some of this chocolate cake. I split it in half with one of my shift mates. I figure... I ran 10 miles today, I can afford a half a slice of cake. Boy was it worth every bite!!!
After that, I met up with my good friend, Marlene, for a pre-Birthday dinner celebration at one of our favorite Vegan restaurants, Native Foods Cafe ( I had the pleasure of enjoying their Twister Wrap (Salad greens, fresh avocado and cucumber salsa, creamy chipotle sauce with blackened Native Chicken in an organic whole wheat wrap) with a side of sweet potato fries!!!Their entire menu is completely vegetarian, and completely delicious!

All and all it was a pretty good (and tasty) day. Tomorrow is going to be equally as delicious and rewarding (only without the work out). I am looking forward to celebrating 26 with a delicious home made veggie lasagna and being surrounded by friends and family!!!

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