Sunday, July 15, 2012

My First Marathon!

Happy Sunday, Blog World!!!

As most of you know, I made the decision to try to raise money for Operation Jack (, which supports autism related charities as my December Race. My goal was to raise $150 in order to race for free. Well, I am happy to announce that I REACHED MY GOAL yesterday evening :). Thanks to Donations from:

Elise Lobestein
Irene Ajemyan
Kristie Braze
Bernadette Wubble
and Talia Israel

As Promised, this means that I, Christina Michelle Cummings, will be running my first Marathon on December 26, 2012!!! I am nervous, I am excited... but most of all I am SCAAAARED!!! This is going to be the most challenging thing that I have ever done in my life. Here is my TENTATIVE training schedule for anyone who wants to join me :)

163rest3walk 2off26.2off

When I was trolling around on the Internet looking up information on "How to train for your first Marathon" I found a nifty little site called They mentioned how the first thing you need to ask yourself is "Why do I want to run a Marathon?"

Well, I pondered on this awhile, and I am not sure that I have a complete answer. I have always found joy in challenging my self. Regardless of whether or not I succeeded at the challenge was irrelevant. Just the fact that I tried something new, or something that I believed was out of my reach, always gives me a little jolt of excitement. When I first started my 12 in 12 idea, I told myself that I would NEVER run a full marathon. I was convinced that it was a terrible idea. After all, humans are not meant to run for 4 + hours straight without stopping, right? But as I started competing in my races and really getting into my fitness "Zone", I felt that I needed to continue to challenge myself.

I really believe that deep down in my heart that I can do it... but there is this little voice of doubt that says, "Don't be crazy... there is no way you could finish!" For me, this race is about shutting up that little voice, and every other little voice that ever told me, I couldn't do something that I set out to achieve.

For today though, my goal was to completean easy 5.28 mile run... and I accomplished that in 47:22. I was VERY sore from head to toe that to my CIRCUIT BUSTER!!! (TM) work out, and I got to break in my new shoes! I definitely felt those squats, lunges and push ups today.

Overall it was a pretty good day. I got to spend the afternoon with my one true love and indulged with my favorite summer time treat!!!!! (guess you cant guess which one is which!!!)

So tell me, What is your favorite summer time snack!?!?!

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