Monday, July 2, 2012


So, I pretty much had all of my races planned up until January... but I was having some difficulty finding a race for December. Part of me wanted to do a run on Christmas Day, but to my surpirse.... that is not a popular race day! Who in their right mind would want to race on Christmas day?!?It took me a while, but I finally came across a race that I felt comfortable with, and that was the day AFTER Christmas. It is Called Operation Jack

Operation Jack started as one mans dream (much like my own) to complete in 60 marathons in a year in an attempt to raise money  and awareness for Autism charities, such as Training for Autism (ok... so nothing like my own). His dream became a reality and flourished into a non profit that has raised over $140,000 so far towards different autism-related charaties.

The next race has both a marathon and a half marathon category. They also provide race participants with the option to either pay the entry fee (roughly $45).... or Raise $150 dollars and race for free. I have made the decision to run the race and am hoping to raise the $150 in honor of the cutest, most loveable and inspiring 4 year old I know, RJ Heath!!!

If you would like to support my race, this adorable face, and millions of other children like him, please visit my webpage ( and make a donation! Any dollar amount helps!


  1. Christina, this sounds like an awesome charity...I wish I could help you out but know that I am thinking of you in spirit!

  2. Thanks, Tami! That really means a lot.