Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th and 5th of July!!!

5:15am- The alarm goes off. I haven't slept much, because I spent most of the night tossing and turning. I always worry that I am going to sleep through the alarm and miss my race :/. I pop out of bed, have some oatmeal and half a banana for breakfast and am on my way to Newhall Park for the race.

6:30am- I pick up my bib number. 
As I look around, I see hundreds of SERIOUS athletes. High school and adult running teams who look as though they are ready to chew me up and spit me out. I am beginning to think that this was a terrible idea. However, I line up, and begin to stretch with my warm up music. 

7:00am- I begin the most competitive race I have ever run in my life. I feel like I'm running at a comfortable pace and decide to seek out my first TARGET (the person I intend to pace behind and eventually pass up). I spot the first of my targets in mile 2 and pace him for miles 2, 3 and 4. He apparently studies the Jeff Galloway ( method of running; Run Walk Run. We play a game of cat and mouse for a couple miles and it is driving me insane! Every time I pass him, he sprints past me about 45 seconds. 

7:34am- Near the beginning of mile 5 I finally pass him, and I never see him again! That means it is time to find a new target. I spy a guy that looks about my age, and looks as though he is beginning to wilt... I see this as my opportuinty and past him up after a few mines.

7:50am- I spot the bridge that signifies the last quarter mile before the finish. I'm feeling CONFIDENT, knowing that I am going to achieve a new PR today... when all of a sudden my target cuts the corner and sprints past me!!! DAMN HIM!!! I push as hard as I can, but I just cant catch up. I push as hard as I can, just knowing that I am going to beat my PR

7:52am- I cross the finish line with a brand spankin new PR !!! 

Overall, I thought the Santa Clarita Runner's Club ( put on a fabulous event. Although I was initially intimidated by their physiques and overall athleticism, I think I held my own and did fairly well. The one thing that I liked most about this race is that it is very family oriented. There were families with children of all ages. It warmed my heart to be running next to a father and son who were encouraging each other to do their best (yes.. there were kids running this race.) I left the race feeling good, and motivated to continue to train. This was an EXPLOSIVE way to start my 4th of July and I look forward to participating in their race next year. 

In preparation for my next race, the Seashore Half Marathon in Long Beach, I ran a 10 mile run today. It was brutal run, but I finished with just over an average 9 minute mile. Taking a minute off my regular run time is a huge accomplishment for me and i cant wait to to try and finish the Half Marathon in 2 hours :)

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