Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Run Wednesday!!!

Happy Hump Day to those of you who has a normal Monday-Friday work week. For me, this is my Sunday and I tried to make it as "Sunday-ey" as possible. I slept in a little bit today and woke up at quarter to 8 to get my run out of the way. I headed to Balboa Park with the intention of just doing a 6 mile run. I started with a light, energy filled breakfast:

My hand looks awful manly in this I had half a banana, 8oz silk, pure almond Vanilla milk and I decided to try the Clif Shot bloks I bought. I took a picture of too, but I only ended up trying one.

All and all, it was pretty good. It was like eating a really large, and sweet gummy bear. The texture was a little different that I was expecting, but overall it tasted pretty good. As far as the energy goes, I think it did the trick. My only problem with the bloks is that they get stuck in your teeth. I spent quite a few minutes trying to get it all out of my teeth. But, I'm planning on trying to let it melt in my mouth longer on Saturday instead of just popping it into my mouth and chowing down.

Like I said, I had scheduled to do a 6 mile run today, but that somehow turned into a 7.2 mile run. The weather was so nice, it motivated me to just keep going. 
My six mile run consists of two 3 mile loops around the park. My first lap was amazing! It was overcast (and chilly) which is always a beautiful way to run. I finished in just over 27 minutes. At the beginning of lap two, the sun finally decided to come out. It wasn't too warm though, and was still very comfortable. 

I'm not sure if it was the weather, the excess amount of sleep I got yesterday, or the Shot bloks, but I decided that I wanted to run more than my 6 mile. All through mile six I was really pushing myself In order to try and finish my run with a 9 minute mile average. I pushed on and doubled back to complete my seventh mile and felt great! Now only that, but I finished in 1:03:55.... under a 9 minute mile average!!!

I was really happy with my run, which is amazing, but I was beginning to feel defeated after last weeks runs. I have however gotten this horrible blister on my heel from my new shoes. I'm trying really hard not to pop it until after Saturday, because I dont want it to hurt :(

I ate my oatmeal, cinnamon roasted almond, honey and the other half of my banana for my post run breakfast and headed to The Suicide Prevention Center for my volunteer shift.

A couple hours late I ate a spinach, lentil, corn, asparagus, avocado and tomato salad with half a cup of grapes for dessert. Within A few hours I was hungry again so I had an orange and a 90 calorie Chewy Granola Bar (Smore's flavor... YUUUM!!!)

For dinner I have a vegetarian Chik'n pattie with Kale, BBQ and mustard. For my side dish I roasted a Sweet potato and made garlic squash and broccoli.  It really did not satisfy what I wanted for dinner. I'm really not a good cook, and this is why I usually make the same foods over and over again.

I have so much prepping to do before my race this weekend, especially since I am staying with one of my best friends Rachel for Friday night into Saturday afternoon. I will be leaving my house at 6:30am on Friday and going straight to her house from work. I wont even get back home until Sunday morning at 1am!!! Mini vacation. I have to pack all of my gear, food and clothes by tomorrow night! Now, I just wish I had the energy to get it all done :)


  1. Hey runner hey! Im sad we haven't been able to really talk this week, but reading this helps. Im so excited for this half marathon. You are going to do great. Congrats on the 7 miles in 01:03:55, thats really awesome! I cant wait to hear what your time is for this race.

  2. I know!!! This whole "conflicting schedules" thing is really not the I'm excited and nervous. I'm really not sure how this is going to go. Fingers crossed for something with a 1 in front of it. But either way, You'll get my update while your camping (sooooo jealous!!!).