Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OCD Sorta day!

Today was a bizarre day. Not a bad day, not a phenomenal day... but a middle ground day. I slept like shit last night, so I guess I was just really tired, and it spilled over into my day. However,  I had MANY things to be Grateful about today.

1. A perfect run in my BRAND NEW Brooks shoes!
2. It was my very last day of internship (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)
3. I got to go to one of my favorite meetings
4. I got to take a walk with my Mama.
5. It was the most Perfect Spring Weather Day (Sunny, yet cool with a light breeze!!!)

I planned on doing some writing, but I am working on a group midterm that I need to finish, so you're just going to get some really long AEIOU's

A- Yes. I kept what I ate... which was :
Breakfast: 3 egg whites (1 yolk), kale, mushrooms, olives salsa avocado
Snack: Apple and String Cheese
Lunch: Trader Joe's Pasta microwave meal and veggie sausage patties
Snack: Chobani Greek yogurt (chocolate, almond and coconut) with an extra handful of pistachios
Dinner: Grilled sweet potato and veggies with olive oil and cajun spice, a veggie pattie and 1/2 a ckn'       pattie (165 calories), 1/2 a mediterranean flat bread and a cup of blueberries and strawberries

E- I ran 6.03 miles (62 minutes), did some light arm work for 6 minutes with a 5 lb weight, and 10 minutes of stretching/abs. I took a 30 minute walk with my mom in the afternoon. 

I- I began my day with prayer and the "For Today" reading. Took care of business for my group and asked someone else to do the necessary printing, I enjoyed standing in the sunshine at lunch time, I went to a meeting and shared about some uncomfortable feelings I am having towards my mom, I fed myself real food all day long, I checked in with my sponsor and kept my commitments. Did most of my reading for class tomorrow. 

O- I left 3 outreach voicemails for people who I have not seen/heard from in at least a week, made two outreach texts, talked a new comer (it was his 3rd meeting, but he is also bulimic) and gave him my phone number for outreach :) I donated snacks from Costco to my internship because my Supervisors card was not accepted. 

U- I am angry at my mother for buying foods that are toxic to her health and my abstinence. I want her to care about what she is putting into her body and not do more harm than she already has (transference much!?!?!). I do not have to try and "fix" my Mom. I just have to accept her for who she is and love her unconditionally as she has done to me my entire life. I am allowed to have uncomfortable feelings (resentment, anger, frustration, and fear) and I do not have to shut out those feelings or make myself feel guilty for having them. For Today, I do not have to take any action for her, but I can be aware of how it makes me feel and pray to my Higher Power to help her heal mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Meal Plan for Tomorrow:


3 egg whites, kale and bell pepper, avocado, Flatbread and Salsa

Side of Berries/Grapes

Snack 1:
Banana and Almond butter with coffee

Chocolate milk 

Oatmeal with almonds, coconut, honey, cinnamon and milk 

Mediterranean Salad (veggies, lettuce, 1 cup beans, feta cheese, olives and dressing

Snack 2:

Greek Yogurt
and cereal

Work Out Plan for tomorrow:

Run: 35 minute speed work (approx 4 miles), 15/20 minutes rowing, 5 minutes abs. walk to and from the gym. Take the Stairs instead of elevator ;)

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