Monday, May 20, 2013

Food Lists and New Shoes

I told you I'd be back ;)

Awhile ago, my sponsor asked me to create a Red, Yellow and Green Light food list to help me become more aware of Foods that are triggering for me, and to try to "Avoid" them when possible. I really lagged on this project, because I didn't want it to seem as though I couldn't have foods when I REALLY wanted them and felt like I was in a good enough place to have them. Even though she ASSURED me that this was not how it worked, I was not convinced.

Well, now that I am coming out of the BINGE ZONE and thinking outside of the food haze, I feel it is time to really start putting in some work. So, here is what I have so far.

Red Light Foods: These are foods That I ABSOLUTELY know I can not eat like a Lady. 

- Del Taco Drive Thru (To be honest... I think this should be on my abstinence... but I think I treat it that way in my head. I know for a fact that If I eat this I will not only binge, but I will purge). 
- Ice Cream (Cookie dough or anything with reeses' or chocolate/peanut butter mix) 
- Donuts, Pastries, Cakes, Loaf Cakes (essentially anything sweet and carby)
- French Fries!!!
- Ranch Dressing

Yellow Light Foods:
- Wheat Thins
- Cookies (those damn 100 calorie packs)
- Granola Bars
- Chocolate Covered Raisins
- Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
- Peanut Butter straight from the Jar
Reese's' Peanut Butter Cups
- Trail Mix
- Chips (Frito's scoops, tortilla chips, Pringles, hot Cheetos, BBQ flavored anything)
- Frosted Mini Wheats
- Graham Crackers
- Mini Bagels
- Mini Chocolates ("fun size")
- Pretzels, Bagels
- Cream Cheese
- Kettle korn
- Restaurant Pizza
- Mexican Food

Behaviors to be Aware of that could lead to binging:
- Going back for just "one more bite"
- Eating in Restaurants
- Going to Social Events
- The Snack Cabinet at work/internship
- Not having a large enough (or balanced) meal/snack
- Skipping meals or Restricting foods
- Going to the store late at night
- Hiding food
- Hovering at the Vending Machine
- Weighing myself
- Obsessively Meal Planning/ Calorie counting
- Soda

Green Light Foods:
- Any vegetable (except cooked Brussels sprouts... yuck)
- Any natural fruit 
- Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Whole wheat pasta, quinoa, beans, lentils
-Eggs, veggie patties, tofu (baked), vegetarian sausage
-String cheese, Feta Cheese, Greek yogurt, soy milk, almond milk
- Kashi Cereal, Plain Oats, Multi grain waffles, Whole wheat Bagels, Mediterranean Flat bread, Gluten Free Granola, Whole wheat/ whole grain bread
-Avocados, and unsalted nuts (almonds, pistachios, macadamia, cashews)
- Soups

I'm sure I'm missing some things from my yellow light list... but I figure this isn't a "solid" body of work and it will continue to change. But this is what I have for now. 

In other news, I finally went and bought new running shoes today!!! I'm hoping this will help with the shin splints and cramping (although I still blame my binging on that one). I can officially say I am one of those "Crazy Runner Chicks".... I bought Two pairs of running shoes: One for daily use and One for speed work/races. Not only that... but this is the first time I haven't run in Nike's in YEAAAARS!!!!

Brooks Ravenna 4- My Everyday Runners

These shoes felt so comfortable, light weight and durable. The laces and heel are more of a lime green than they are in the picture... but either way, I am super excited to take these bad boys out for a test drive come Wednesday Morning :)

Saucony Grid Fastwitch- The speed demons :)

I tried these on and INSTANTLY fell in love with them. They are a light weight shoe, and it literally feels as though I was wearing NOTHING at all on my feet!!! I knew I had to have them... but I knew they would not work as an everyday shoe.

I was in a GREAT mood today, so I had the sales guy CRACKING up the entire 45 minutes. This was by far one of my greatest shoe shopping experiences EVER. I'm really sad that they are going to be closing that store down in July... I don't know how I will survive (driving to Thousand Oaks most likely).

OK, So I went to bed at 1:30am... got up at 6am... and it is now 10:30pm. I STILL have to do some homework... so I think that means it's time to wrap it up!

A- Yes
E- Ran 6.25 miles. Ran a random amount around the shoe store for 45 minutes trying on new running shoes
I- I began my day with prayer and meditation (5 minutes), did some writing, made myself a DELICIOUS dinner from LOVE, bought myself two new pairs of running shoes, went to a meeting, called a good friend because I was in the neighborhood
O- I entertained the Hell out of the shoe salesman ;), I reached out to two fellows and offered my strength and hope, put out the trash cans, encouraged my client to do more positive things for herself instead for others
U- Nighttime binging seems so much sexier because it's dark and I'm alone. But If I light a candle at night and say a prayer to my HP while I do my writing then the two of us can sit in the light and the unconditional love (not the raunchy infatuation) and trust that we can make it until morning :)

My meal Plan for tomorrow:

Breakfast: 3 egg whites, feta cheese, Flatbread, avocado and veggies (side of strawberries and grapes
Snack 1 Greek Yogurt, Banana and Coffee
Lunch: Oatmeal
Snack 2: Not sure :/
Dinner: Rice veggies and Tofu

WorkOut Plan:
Mindful Meditation for 1 hour, some rowing and I want to try some circuit trainings of Jump Roping 1 minute, 30 sit ups, 10 push ups, 30 squats, and 30 seconds in plank tomorrow. But we'll see how it goes ;)


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