Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WTF Wednesday.

As you guys know (or maybe you don't) Today is usually my "Big Run Wednesday"... as you can guess by my blog title that DID NOT happen. This whole getting up early thing is just not working for me this week. Plus I had some really bad abdominal cramping, so running 10 miles just did NOT sound appetizing to me today.

But don't worry friends... I still went running, and actually had a REALLY good run. I did a 6.6 mile run (with my new music) and even managed to get a few sprints into it. I decided that I was just going to take my big run on Saturday instead of today... I should be more rested by then :)

After my run I made myself a Blueberry, pineapple, chocolate and Greek yogurt smoothie!

It tasted like it was missing something, so I had a tablespoon full of peanut butter with it :) Peanut Butter makes EVERYTHING taste better!!!

To be honest, my workout and smoothie helped me to feel a little better and made for a great afternoon.

I'm not sure if I have told you all, but in September I will starting my first year as an MSW student as UCLA (Goooooo Bruins!!!). While I was enjoying my afternoon, and having my delicious lunch I got a phone call from my Field Director at UCLA regarding my placement for my 1st year internship :) We're not suppose to find out until our Field Placement Orientation at the end of August, but my internship has their own orientation prior to starting, so I got to find my site out before hand!!! I'm so excited about it too, because I don't think I could have waited any longer to find out where I was being placed... the anticipation was killing me. (Only children do not have much patience). 

I am being placed at an agency called Communities in Schools. They offer different types of services to children and teenagers in schools that either have a high drop out or gang rate. I'm going to be working with teenagers and kids!!! I somehow knew that this was gong to happen. I was originally frightened by the idea of working with children, but to be honest... I'm really excited. I need a break from working with adult mental health populations and I think this will be a breath of fresh air. I also think this is going to give me the opportunity to spread my wings a little and get in touch with my creative side (If I even have one...)

After I finished my call shift at the Suicide Prevention Center, I went to go visit Tyler at his house. We didn't get to see each other at all this weekend, So I told him I would stop by. We made dinner together (meaning Tyler did most of the work). We even got to eat outside in the court yard because it was much nicer outside than inside :)

Tyler grilled our veggies and burgers and I boiled our yams! It was a really delicious meal and I ate the entire plate full! I was really tired and went home shortly after eating (I know I'm a horrible girlfriend).

Once I got home I started watching more Olympic events and got caught up. The track and field events are sooo exciting. I have found a new idol in Allyson Felix. This woman has beauty, brawn and brains!!!

Well, tomorrow is another day. Good Night

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