Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Internship Interview

Hi Guys,

Today was a very exciting, and exhausting day... and it's not even over yet. This morning I got to meet with my Field Instructors at Communities in Schools today. I really hate going to interviews (although I don't technically think this was an interview). I always feel like I've worn the wrong thing, or that I wont come off as eloquent as educated as I know I am (primarily because I turn into a rambling IDIOT during these things), or, there is always the fear that I wont like them!!!

However, this was not the case with this "interview". First, I made sure that I wore my lucky outfit

This outfit got me my current job :)

And I made sure I had two copies of my resume... just in case. One of the best things about this internship is that it is 20 minutes away from my house! Yes, I will NOT be commuting for HOURS on end everyday this year!!! I am so excited! And I don't have to start until 9am... so I will actually be able to sleep until after the sun come sup. Does this GET any better?!?!

When I walked into my Supervisors office I was amazed. This guy is like the Don Corleone of the Gang Intervention world!!! He had a huge desk in the middle of the office with posters, awards and pictures all over the walls. His name is Bobby Arias and he is the President of the company. He is a USC graduate (we'll forgive him) and he is very passionate about training new students and making sure that they are given the most opportunities and really utilized in their internships. He has been in the field and has a lot of connections in the community.

My other field Supervisor is Raymundo Zacarias. He's the assistant president of the company and was actually a USC intern there about 3 years ago (what does that say about opportunities to move up in the company). He's really focused on using clinical aspects and expanding his own training so that he can help us learn more.

I had a meeting with both of them at the same time, and I have to admit it was a little overwhelming. They both talk more than I do!!! (sometimes at the same time!). They put a lot of information out to me, but I really liked everything they had to say :)

This internship is going to be something VERY different than what I am used to, and I think I am up for the challenge. After all, I'm not going to graduate school to simple learn things I already know. I'm just nervous that I am not going to live up to their expectations. No negative talk... I am going to ROCK this internship and make it mine!!!

To be honest, I feel really lucky to have been placed at this site. I am really excited to be spending the next year working with these two men and the community that they serve.

Tyler came out to visit me today so that we could have a celebratory lunch. He placed a bid in on a really big job, and it got approved (yay for work!!!) and my new placement. We went to one of our favorite places Sharky's. It's an organic, Mexican food place that has the best Veggie and Tofu Burrito in the world.

They also have the best guacamole and Iced tea! Tyler and I split the burrito, so I only ate half. I also got to bring home the majority of my guacamole and salsa to use later. They have a Bahamian Iced tea that is to die for!!! All and all it was a delicious lunch.

For desert we attempted to go to Menchie's to get frozen Yogurt, but they were PACKED!!! An elementary school event had to have just gotten out, because there were hoards of mother's with children everywhere. We left and went to a smaller place by my house called Frutsi.

I got Cake Batter with Dulce de Leche and topped it coconut, cinnamon toast crunch and blueberries! Because of the the space in time between lunch and getting yogurt I was actually to full to eat it. So it is sitting in my fridge and waiting to be eaten a little later :)

We were so full from lunch, that Tyler and I came home and went straight into nap land!!!

I'm finishing up my Crisis Line shift and then I'm heading to go get my nails done with mom (a MUCH needed pedicure!!!) Then we are headed to Target to do some shopping for our vacation!!!

A busy day, and I'm already ready to go back to sleep!

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