Friday, August 17, 2012

Grandpa's Birthday and a Giant Eclair!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Today was an extraordinary day!!! Today was my last day of work, we celebrated my grandpa's birthday and it is the night before my next race!!! Too many good things in one 24 hour setting. My day started with a beautiful sunrise on my way into work...

Then, work was crazy busy, which meant it went by VERY quickly :). I hadn't been drinking coffee for about the last month or so (not for any particular reason) and I broke that today with a delicious Iced Cafe Americano with soy and splenda....

I wasn't even able to drink HALF of it... so I put it in the fridge for a little pick me up tomorrow morning before the race. Either way, I am now OFFICIALLY ON VACATION!!!

After work, I met my family to celebrate my grandfather's 75th birthday at one of his favorite Restaurants Brent's Deli. This is an important birthday celebration, because my Grandfather is an amazing man! He was more of a father to me, than any man I have ever known and he lets me know all the time that he loves me just the way I am!
The Love of My Life <3 td="td">
Our party of 8 had an amazing time at dinner. I talked racing with my aunt (who has competed in an Ironman competition), school with my uncle and enjoyed the company of my parents and grandparents.

actual portion of fries NOT pictured!
For dinner I had the Veggie Burger with Sweet Potato Fries :). I'm not sure this was a GREAT idea with my race tomorrow, but it's only a 10k, so I'm not too worried... plus it was delicious. I actually think this may have been the best veggie burger I have ever had!!! I had PLENTY of sweet potato fries left over, so I brought them home for me to munch on during our drive tomorrow :)

One of the reasons my family likes going to Brent's is for their desserts... mainly their GIANT ECLAIRS!!! Of course we had to order one for my grandpa.

Be-Ware of the E-Claire!!!

My grandpa likes to joke around with his age and ALWAYS reverses the numbers (last year he turned 47...). He was nice enough to share with everyone. I had a small bite of the piece my grandma took.

I think I've finished packing... (is a girl ever done?!?!) and i should be sleeping to get some good rest for my 10k tomorrow.

Right after the race we are leaving for Bend :) I am going to be gone until next Sunday. I will try to update as often as possible, but I may not be able to post everyday. Either way... I will have plenty of photos and stories for you guys as I go along.

See You At The Finish Line!!!

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