Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three Things Tuesday!!!

Holy Crap... it's already Tuesday!!! (not only that, its already 9pm on Tuesday!!!)

Sorry I've been MIA a lot lately... I really have just been so mentally and physically exhausted and I have not had the energy to do ANY of the things I am suppose to be doing. In fact, I had to convince myself to start writing this blog now... So lets get this done!!!

1. I "technically" started my training for the Malibu Dirt Dash. This race is going to be a 10k trail run followed by a 5k mud run... my FIRST attempt at both!!! (What the F*** was I thinking?!?!). Most of the time that I do my usual runs I'm outside, and convinced myself that this counts as a trail run... but it doesn't. I know I'm going to have to start actually training soon, so I decided to try some Hill Repeats (aka... go up and down a hill as many times as I can).

I woke up late today, so I didn't even get out until almost 9:30am. It was Humid as shit!!! Thank God I remembered to bring my water bottle with me, because I had to douse myself ever few minutes to prevent myself from melting to death.I started at my house and did a 5 min/ .5 mile warm up run to get to the Hill.
I'm pretty sure the neighbors thought I was a creeper when I tried to get this picture

Ok... so it doesn't look very Ominous and or steep from this angle, but trust me!!! It was not a force to be reckoned with!!! I'd like to see all of you try going up this side and down the other six times (ok, I wouldn't... I don't wish this on anyone!)

Either way, I survived and ran a total of 4.6/4.75 miles in just under 43 minutes. Not bad for my first hill training. We'll see how much my this messes with my 10 mile run I'm doing tomorrow morning (especially since I'm STILL sore from Sunday's workout!)

2. So my family went shopping at the Camarillo Outlets without me this Sunday... (I know... I'm still trying to get over it!), and they came home with a bunch of goodies. My favorite was THIS LITTLE GUY!!!

His name is Spud... and he is the newest addition to our home :) He's a potato scrubber!!! (You can never have too many of those! My mom always buys cute little things, but I just thought he was the best. Spud helped me make dinner this evening, which was quite delicious..

I had an Egg substitute, Mushroom and Kale scramble on a Sandwich thin with spinach and tomato with Sweet Potato wedges on the side. I baked the sweet potato for about 35 minutes at 425 degrees to soften it up. Then I cut it in half and then each half into quarters. I sprayed a little Pam Olive Oil on them and sprinkled Cayenne pepper and black pepper. I placed them back in the over for another 15 minutes and Viola!  They were REALLY good.. and so was my sandwich :)

3. I decided I needed a simple Work-Out pick me up... I decided to purchase a few new songs for my play list. So far my only choice has been:

Katy Perry- Part of me

I really love Katy Perry, and I really love this song. Every time I hear it on the radio I get really pumped up. So, I'm hoping it will have the same effect for me while running. 

Well... that's my Three Things for today. I see you guys tomorrow.

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