Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation Day 3

Man oh man... Who knew relaxing could be so tiring?!?! After I updated last night I had a really hard time falling asleep :( I think I finally passed out around 11:30, but was Wide awake at 2:30!!!

I dozed on and off until 4 and think I finally fell completely back to sleep only to find myself awake again at 5:30am (WTF!?!? Doesn't my body know I'm on vacation?!?!?!)

When I was still awake at 6:30 I said "screw it" and got up and went running. And boy am I glad I did :) it was only 54 degrees out when I ran and it was so peaceful, quiet and serene. I even saw a deer in the woods I was running by!!! I had to stop and take a picture ( although not a very good one).

A few miles later I saw a couple swans at a nearby lake. They were nestled and sleeping, so I didn't stop and take a photo ( how rude would that be?!?!?!)

When I got back home, mom and Ray were awake, which meant it was time to get going! We ate breakfast together on the patio and quietly got ready for our day. We drove out to Sahalie Falls and did an amazingly refreshing 4 mile hike to some waterfalls. The hike was actually kind of chilly, and I wish I had brought a jacket. There were two different water falls and a ton of rapids for us to see. I took a lot of photos on my other camera. I will be able to upload them one day :/

The hike was pretty easy, and Mom seemed to really enjoy it. It was a great trip for the family. We all ate healthy snacks of fruit and homemade trail like mine (kashi cereal and nut clusters!!). I scarfed half the bag, and stopped myself so that I could eat lunch.

Afterwards we stopped in Black Butte for lunch at a restaurant called Rob's Pub that my aunt recommended. They offer outdoor seating that overlooks a golf course and the mountains, so of course we sat outside.

Fair Warning: We did not have the best experience, but we tried to make the best of it. Our server took forever to greet us or take our order and we were all starving!!! The people sitting next to us who came in about 10 minutes later than us were able to order and eat before we did :( (lucky bastards). Our view was not that great. The chairs were comfortable, but they sit too low to really have any more of a view than a bush and some golf holes. The food was pretty good though. I ordered the grilled veggie sandwich and opted for fruit instead of fries ( go me!!!). I was so hungry I almost forgot to take a picture.

The sandwich was pretty good once I added some greens from my mom's salad she didn't want. I did find a piece of meat in my sandwich, which was a little unsettling, but I don't think I ate any...

We left lunch and headed to Sister's, Oregon. A quaint little town full of shops and eateries. We mainly did it to walk off lunch. They had a fro yo shop, buyer turned it down!!! For the first time in my life I was too full for fro yo!!! After all my hard workouts today I didn't want to totally wreck my day (plus there's still dinner!!!)

I did come home and make a lovely Greek yogurt parfait about an hour later. For dinner I had a glass of white wine, a salad with hummus, and a mix of brown rice, black beans, avocado and corn :)

We spent the evening enjoying each-others company and sitting on the patio chatting.

I also had a mini snickers almond bar for dessert :)

It's only 9:30pm and I'm exhausted! I hope I get better sleep tonight so I can enjoy tomorrow. I think I'm going to get to try paddle boarding for the first time :)

Wish me luck!!!

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