Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Bad Day...

Today was all around not a very good day...

Work was long and challenging. I had to deal with a racist and condescending client for the majority of the day. I have now learned that I have a very short fuse for ignorant people who do not understand the suffering of others...I'm trying not to let this get the best of me so that I can serve this client fairly, but I left eh office today stating that I was not going to talk to him and that he better not ask me for ANYTHING in the next 24 hours (I was really mad and was talking out of anger).

I was stuck at work 2 hours longer than I was suppose to be and didn't get on the freeway until about 6:20pm. Low and behold there was a HUGE ACCIDENT on one of the busiest freeways in LA. There was a big rig that over turned and spilled oil all over most of the lanes. Traffic was horrendous!!! It took me 3 hours to get home (meaning I got home at 9:15pm).

I was tired, cranky, upset, and STARVING by the time I actually got home. I scarfed a vegetarian corn dog and made a salad... pathetic. I did a little more packing before I curled up and made a phone call to my best friend :)

Nothing makes ya feel better than having a chat with your best friend.

Like I said... it wasn't a very good day... but tomorrow should be better :)

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