Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Things For a New Me!!!

Happy Saturday!!!

For those of you that read my last post, you know that I have recently broken up with my Hatred for My Body. So today, I am beginning my new life, with my new me. So I decided to start it off with some new products :)

But first... My run!

I was planning to get up extra early this morning, around 6am, to make up my 10 mile run today that I punked out of on Wednesday. Well,  I didn't get up until about 7, but I got up and out for my run. My run had some good things about it, and some bad things about it....

The BAD things:

It was already humid out by 8:00am and I felt it as I was doing both laps. Shortly after I began mile 1 (that's right... only a few minutes into my run) I started to get a pain in my left foot that kept shooting up to my knee. Eventually it went away, but would return every once and a while just to remind me that it was more powerful that I am. I felt SUPER sluggish through the majority of the run. I do not think that I was really prepared mentally or ready physically for this run, because I just felt tired through the whole thing.

The GOOD things:

I finished!!! I finished with a pretty good pace!!! There was a group of runners/walkers/joggers from Team in Training that was there at the same time, which motivated me to keep going.

So my list of BAD'S is longer, but my GOOD's still managed to outweigh them. :)

After my run I headed to my favorite store, Target, to pick up a few items. Mainly a sports drink, because I felt like I was dying from dehydration... even though I drank almost an entire waterbottle during my run. I ended up picking up way more than I planned on grabbing (go figure)... but got some interesting and NEW items.

The first was a Vitamin Water Zero (Drive) Blood orange and Mixed Berry.

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In theory, this drink sounded delicious... but in actuality... it was NOT very good. It had a very bizarre after taste and left me feeling less than replenished. In it's defense... I did not drink it cold. I only drank about half the bottle and put the rest in the fridge. I will be giving it a fair second shot tomorrow.

I also picked up a new protein shake to try. I've been in the mood to make smooties after my runs a lot lately because it's been so hot, but using almond milk always makes them taste a little blah... and they're not very filling. So I picked up this brand...

 They only have 2grams of fat, with 18 grams of protein and only 100 calories for the entire bottle. I bought them in both Chocolate and Vanilla. Tyler snuck one of the Chocolate one's already, and reported that they were "not very good". However, that is what I said about the Muscle Milk Light, but I REALLY enjoyed drinking it in a smoothie.... so I am excited to give it a try soon.

I tried their French Vanilla flavor straight today and thought that it was ok. It was a little sweet for my taste, but I think it would be DELICIOUS in a smoothie.

I also picked up this little number:

Now, before you get all, "Crazy" on me, let me explain why I did it.

1) I've been feeling kinda blah and bloated lately, and when I get that way I usually try to do some sort of detox/cleanse. Prior to this I usually purchased the Slimquick one, but I haven't been able to find it in any stores.

2) All of the ingredients are natural. Irish moss, ginger root, dandelion, buckthorn, butternut bark, garlic, etc.) which is really important to me.

3) It's Jillian... Freaken... Michael's!!! I love her... so I'm sure I'm going to lover her products :)

4) It was definitely an impulse buy... I was running off adrenaline, and was trying to get out of the store as fast as I possibly could.

So, we'll see how it goes. I took Day 1's dose of the cleanse today and I feel pretty good. Nothing too crazy yet. Just awaiting Day 2 :)

After my very much not needed trip to Target, I went home and was exhausted!!! I did some light house cleaning before lying down to take a nap. I was awakened by a suprise visitor to my house. Tyler came over to spend a few hours with me before I had to go to work.

We ate lunch, Trader Joe's Japanese Style Fried Rice, and just lied around watching The Birdcage... one of our favorite movies of all time!!!

It was an amazing morning/afternoon.

Now, I'm finishing up work, trying to get through my last 5 work days before I am OFFICIALLY on Vacation :)

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