Monday, March 18, 2013

Hooley's Half Marathon


This is going to be quick, and painful. I'm pretty frustrated right now. I ran my race this weekend... The Hooley's Half Marathon.. and honestly it's the WORST race I've run since I began running races. It started 18 minutes late, the first 4 miles were on a steady uphill incline (that was unexpected), the middle miles were through a very rough part of town, it was all on streets that were blocked off but there was an extreme amount of traffic (I almost got hit by a car in mile 13), and my finish time was 1:50:05... the WORST time I've had since I started racing.

At first, I tried to justify everything and make myself feel better by saying "the first miles were uphill, and you didn't know about it! That is a GREAT time to finish with uphills." But no matter how hard I try, I am still just disappointed in my performance.

I know I could have done better... I HAVE done better... and I'm upset that I didn't show up for this race.

It also doesn't help that EVERY other blog I read has people posting about running races, and getting PRs and it just makes me envious and jealous. Why couldn't it have been me who got that PR?!?! What did I do wrong?!

I keep thinking that it's because I didn't binge/purge before this race... which I've done for almost 90% of my races.... but I know that this is not true. I just wasn't as prepared for this race and it was stupid!!!

Other than that, OA is going well. I'm still going to meetings, reaching out and getting numbers as often as I can.

I'm suppose to be working on my final exams but I'm so distracted!

I'll write more later

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