Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Howdy Everyone!!!

I'm pretty exhausted getting use to my schedule so this is going to be a quick Three Things.

1. I am super grateful for teachers who cancel classes. As I was driving to school, I checked my email on my iphone and found out that my teacher cancelled our class :) I had completely mixed feelings about this. #1... I was up at 5:50am, and I really could have used more sleep #2 I really like this professor, and was really looking forward to this lecture. #3 I got to use my time wisely and went running at the park #4 I still had to go to school for my 2:00pm class.

2. I'm truly grateful for my mental and physical health right now. The last few weeks have been really tough, but I have been holding in stronger than ever with my recovery and I am planning to continue on this route. I don't know the actual date that I got sober again, and I am actually really happy with that thought. Other times that I focused on the date, I eventually ended in relapse. I think the anticipation of "Anniversaries" and adding days was just too overwhelming for em. Without knowing the day, I get to take my sobriety just One day at a Time.

3. Today Marks the beginning of Day 1, of Week 4. It was a beautiful 60 minute run, in overcast weather first thing in the morning. I cant believe that I am already 1/5 of the way done with training. That might not seem like much... but I'm just so excited, and I cant wait to get to the end of this process.

To be honest, this is probably the format my blog is going to e taking for awhile. I'm getting behind on my school reading (and sleep) and I will only be updating when I really have time. I'm sorry for those of you that actually read this... but I think the person it is hurting the most is me :/

Keep Checking Back. You never know when I might say something good.

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