Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Recap

Happy March 1st!

I don't know about you guys, but I always love the feeling of the first of the month. There's something motivating about it that always makes me feel good.

When I was in my addiction to food, the 1st of the month always felt like torture (especially if it fell on a Monday). I had a habit of telling myself that I would "Start Fresh" on the First... and it usually set up a lot of pressure that I just couldn't keep up with or amount to and I end up craving sugar, with a face full of food and eventually eliminating what I ate which only lead to hateful speech with myself, self loathing and punishing myself for another 30 days until the next "First of the Month" came along.

Thankfully, today, I am looking forward to another month to set some goals. But first I want to look back on what I accomplished in February.

1. I stayed consistent and didn't miss a single workout this month
2. I ran a 10 miler, and didn't die!
3. I ran over 106 miles this month
4. I ran a 30+ mileage week
5. I started blogging again

Goals for the month of March!

1. Continue to stay consistent with my workouts and my training. (IE- not skipping out on workouts)
2. Volunteer/ Spectate for the LA Marathon
3. Finish my Half Marathon on March 26th. I dont really NEED  a PR, but it would be nice
4. Be able to register for my next half marathon
5. Get my CEU's done and submit my hours for licensure. (this is a non running goal, but super important to me right now.
6. Run 115 miles this month
7. Actually practice recovery after my race

Today was another really tough day for me emotionally. I woke up in the middle of the night from a really bad dream about my mom and just could not get back to sleep. Grief is an absolutely horrible things sometimes and today was one of those days. I knew that I was not going to be benefiting myself if I went out and tried to run 6 miles at race pace. I initially wanted to completely give up on myself and just not get up and workout. Enter Goal #1 for March.

In the past, I would have totally stayed in bed, not worked out, been really mad at myself and used it as motivation to be really horrible to myself (emotionally and with food) later on in the day. Instead, I reminded myself that I AM ADAPTABLE. Just because I had a number on the schedule doesn't mean I had to complete it. I allowed myself to sleep in a little bit and decided to do a short easy run today instead and will complete today's workout tomorrow.

I ended up running 3.75 miles at an 8:40 pace and felt much better through the rest of the day.

I had planned on writing more tonight, but after hearing I had a tough day, Adam surprised me and is staying home tonight to give me some emotional support. I'm going to go spend some quality time with him and will check back in with you guys soon.

Be Well

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