Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 2

Wow... I made it to day two... This might not seem like much, but I haven't seen one of these in quite some time. For the most part it was a really great day. 

I woke up and took a really good run and followed it up with some strength training. There really is no better feeling than working out first thing in the morning. Before i even set foot out the door I did some laundry, made quinoa and cleaned up a bit of my room.

School was sorta blah. I'm not feeling either of my classes right now. I'm also dealing with a very passive aggressive teacher who is starting to get under my skin. He's acting as if something is wrong, and treating me very strangely, and it makes me paranoid that I've done something wrong. I really don't like this feeling, but I'm trying not to let one person ruin my everything and just LET IT GO! (Easier said than done)

I finished out the day with an amazing dodgeball tournament with my cohort. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I had the time of my life! We lost, but it was still great. I also get nervous about these sort of things, because I always worry about making an ass of myself. But I just went out there and tried to have a good time, and I think I was successful. 

Now I'm home, in my fresh bed, with a migraine. So I'm just going to wrap up with my AEIOU's and save the rest for later.

A- Thankfully, Yes!

E- 3.53 mile run, strength training and an hour and a half of dodgeball!

I- Tried something new

O- tried not to make assumptions


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