Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hunger Runs 5k

Happy Saturday!!!

And to the Love of my life, Tyler, HAPPY 32nd Birthday!!!

Tyler isn't big on Birthdays, but I'm trying to bring him to the "Fun Side". I didn't really buy him a "present" per say... but I've always wanted to order something from Edible Arrangements and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Courtesy Edible
Doesn't it look cute and delicious?!?! I hope he likes it as much as I do. He also suggested Karaoke... but we don't have any solid plans as of yet.

Prior to the birthday shenanigans to ensue this evening, I got up to run the Hunger Runs 5k. A Hunger games themed run... what more could this girl ask for?!?! To be honest, I was really apprehensive about running this race when it came to 7am this morning. I was suppose to run this race with one of my best friends, but she came down with Pneumonia and was not able to make it to the event today (Get Better Ali!!!). I'm really not a fan of running obstacle races by myself. I feel like it's more fun when you have somebody with you... so I debated doing the race at all. After thinking about it, I begrudgingly left my nice warm bed and went out to the event. I dawned my fabulous Hunger Games t-shirt, and decided to let the Odds be ever in MY favor

Please ignore my hideous hair!!!
I arrived at the race JUST in time, and started about a minute behind everyone else. I was able to quickly catch up a lot of people at the first obstacle. This was also where I met my new friend, Shannon. She was running the race alone, so we decided to team up and complete the race together. Thank Goodness I did, because she is a Spartan Race competitor and she knew all the tricks to completing the obstacles.

Initial bad mood aside... I was not a HUGE fan of this run. I thought the check-in was really unorganized, there were NO spotters or race attendants at any of the obstacles, and none of the obstacles were SUPER challenging. My first and third complaints are livable... but not having any guides at the obstacles was actually really dangerous. Heck, I'm pretty sure there was one that was never set up, but had all the tools sitting there (I think it was suppose to be a tire swing). They also did not have timing chips, r a clock at all so you could guesstimate how long the run was. I did not know if this was a mud run or not and didn't wear my watch or headphones

Now for the positives. It was a very nice trail run. Even though it was cold, the scenery was really nice. They also offered up some very nice Swag at the end.

I also got a fun blow up beach ball with the race info on it. Overall, I don't think that I would run this race again... but it was nice for what it was.
Now it's time to eat and do something else productive with my day other than surfing the Internet. Plus, we're only one week from the Tinkerbell Half Marathon!!! I took a nice 10.4 mile run yesterday as a final long run before the race and I feel really confident going into this one. Fingers crossed for a 1:50:00 PR

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