Thursday, January 3, 2013

First week of 2013 and my Race Schedule

Good Morning! How are you?!?!

Me? I'm doing pretty OK. I just got done eating breakfast and I am now sitting in my living room waiting for my food to digest and the winds outside to calm down so I can get out there and get in a 6-7 mile run. Not sure why, but getting blown away while pounding miles just does not sound like a fun idea.
"We just HAD to go for walk, didn't we?!?!"
This first week of the New Year has been pretty blah, and I'm hoping that it is not representative of the remainder of the year 2013. I celebrated my last night of 2012 with my best friend, Allison and her boyfriend Adam at a wonderful dinner. We went to Smokehouse in Burbank and apparently everyone else had the same idea. We ordered a bottle of Kendal Jackson that Allison and I shared (plus we both had an extra glass) and I had a marvelous Pasta Primavera. There were so many vegetables that I didn't know what to do with myself! We sat there over 3 hours just bullshitting and having a great time enjoying each others company. After dinner I tried to meet up with Tyler, but the traffic of the Hollywood scene made that impossible, so I ended up driving home and being in bed by 12:05am. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I spent most of Tuesday in bed, because I always forget how much drinking too much wine makes my body exhausted. I did manage to get out of bed and go for a 5.5 mile run early in the morning then went out for Sushi dinner and a Movie with Tyler. Sushi was DELICIOUS!!! The movie "Django Unchained" was not so much so. Now... I like Quintin Tarantino, but I just found this movie to be offensive and it made me uncomfortable. That being said... I know that a lot of people are going to enjoy this movie (Tyler included) and I hope you do. Overall the cinematography, music, costuming and story line were very good... but I just couldn't handle all the violence and racism. Call me old fashioned if you MUST.

Yesterday was a very long and draining day. Mom had chemo so we were up nice and early to sit at the hospital all day long. I wish that chemo could go much smoother for her, but it's just a painful ordeal all around and we all end up a little upset for the day. She is suppose to have two more treatments left, but I think her doctor may be rethinking it since it is causing her so much discomfort. We have an appointment with him tomorrow afternoon to discuss our options. During the 8 hours that I spent at the hospital I tried to find things to keep my mind and my body active. I got a jump start on my reading for one of my classes and worked in a little exercise by doing sprints and lunges in the stairwell. I tried to do about 10 minutes every hour or so and I did it 3 times. I think it helped, because my calves are protesting me today.

After that it was off to the Suicide Prevention Center ( I know, I'm a glutton for torture) and finally made it home to pass out.

Today, I have decided is going to be a "take it kinda easy" sort of day. I'm still trying to put the finishing touches on my race schedule for 2013... but these race websites are NOT helping me! But here is what I have so far.

2013 Race Schedule- 13 13.1’s in 2013

January 20, 2013- Tinkerbell Half Marathon
February 24, 2013- Seaside Half Marathon

April 28, 2013- Ojai Half Marathon

May 26th, 2013- Mountains to the beach Half
June 15, 2013- SoCal Wine Half Marathon

July 20, 2013- Montecito-Summerland Half
August 11, 2013- Arroyo Creek Half Marathon

September 22, 2013- Girl on the Go Half
October 27, 2013- Los Angeles Rock n’ Roll Marathon

November 10, 2013- Malibu Half marathon
December 8- Divas Half Marathon / Operation Jack Half Marathon (December 26th)

It should be an EXCELLENT year for racing :) I have less than 15 days until the Tinkerbell Half, and I am beyond excited. This was my first Half Marathon and by far my absolute favorite. Well, I think it's time to try and get this run in. Have a Wonderful day everyone!

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