Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Long Run


Happy Sunday!

I hope you're getting to enjoy the tail end of this weekend. I've been feeling really off today emotionally. I've been a little snippy and just in a funk and I'm not sure why. Not sure if its sleep, over training, stress, waiting too long to eat (Hangry anyone?), the rude lady that yelled at Adam and I this morning while we were walking Plissken or just the fact that I hate that the weekend is almost over... but I'm finally getting to relax and trying to shake the funk.

But, lets not focus on the negative. Lets talk about all the awesome things that came out of this weekend and some of the lessons I learned along the way.

I ran my first 10 mile run in over a year on Saturday, and I did a pretty awesome job at it.

The run felt pretty great. I really tried to keep myself moving slow until the final miles which was when I let myself push a little harder. I'm still not quite near the right pace for a 1:45:00 half marathon (which is in like 4 weeks), but I'm certainly under 2 hours which is more than I can ask for. 

This run was great for two things:

1. I finally got to practice a run while including fuel. I took a Vanilla Bean Gu at around mile 6.  I've bee using this Gu for years. The flavor is light, it doesn't upset my stomach, it has a nice hit of caffeine and helps to push through those longer runs. I take about an entire mile to eat a Gu. When I eat them faster I always end up feeling overly full and end up having GI issues. It definitely helped me push through the last few miles which brings me to...                                                                                                                                                                                               2. I just got to run long and pushed past my fear of the 10 miler. I have been fearing this run since I came back to running in April. One of the things that added to my injury in December 2015 was some major GI issues that I kept having when trying to run 8+ miles. I've still been struggling with my fear of not being able to do these miles, but this run showed me that I can do it. I'm excited to see how the                                 rest of my training goes from here. 

As with all runs/ workouts, not everything is good. There were definitely some tough moments that I am going to learn and grow from. 

1. I made one of the biggest running mistakes on this run and wore all new clothes that I had just got from Old Navy. I am IN LOVE with their Activewear line. I think 90% of my outfits are from there. I had ordered this shirt and these shorts. I really liked the shirt and the color is very nice. I was most excited about the shorts. I was hoping they were long enough to cover most of my thighs, AND they came with a media pocket on both sides. Sadly the shorts rode up on me the ENTIRE 10 miles, but my phone stayed in place! Basically, they'll be fine for short  runs (no pun intended) but not for long runs. 

2. I need to get out of my own head sometimes. I feel like I started feeling sluggish at mile 5 because I knew I was going to be taking in a Gu at mile 6. It was like I was dragging myself down even though I was feeling good and strong. This came back to bit me in the ass in my final mile. I felt myself starting to take short cuts just to have the run be over. I could easily start to beat myself up over it, but instead I'm going to be grateful for this experience that is teaching me that my physical game is strong/solid, but I really need to work on my mental game at this stage. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to start enhancing my mental muscles, but i imagine its going to include a lot more podcasts, positive affirmations and possibly adding some meditation to my daily routines. The idea has been showing up in various ways in my life lately, but I'm not ready to commit to it yet. 


I already mentioned I've been feeling off today, and it even bled into my 5 mile run. For whatever reason, doing easy runs just feel awful to me. I always feel slow, my form feels really off and I just overall hate doing them. This once was no exception. It was slightly raining, but humid and I just couldn't find my groove through the whole 5 miles. I know that easy runs are important to training for recovery, but I just hate them. 

The rest of our Sunday was filled with running errands and meal prepping and now we're watching the Oscars! Adam is a big film buff so we have to watch!

Here were my workouts for this week:

Monday: This Popsugar Work Out I found on Pinterest
Tuesday: 4.75 mile run @ 8:57pace (Easy) 
Wednesday: 6.2 mile run @ 8;24 pace (Tempo Run)
Thursday: 4.75 mile run @ 8:07 pace (Sprints) 
Friday: REST DAY
Saturday: 10.2 mile run @ 8:38 pace (Long Run) 
Sunday: 5 mile run @ 8:57 pace (Easy Run)

Looking forward to another great week of workouts. Just finished up some meal prep and resting with this little snuggle bug pictured below! Have a Happy and healthy week!

How was your week?
Does anyone else feel this way about easy runs?!?!
Are you watching the Oscars?
Do you meal prep?

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